Baako: Blame Managers For Low Productivity; Not Live Telecast Of Court Proceedings

Editor-In-Chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako does not understand why the live broadcast of the election petition should be delayed because some believe it is leading to low productivity.

According to him, the problem of low productivity will arise not because of the live broadcast but because the right thing is not being done in some offices.

Many have attributed the live telecast of the election petition at the Supreme Court to the low productivity in the country. According to them, workers turn to watch the live proceedings to the detriment of their work. They have therefore called for a delayed version of proceedings at the Supreme Court so that people can concentrate on their jobs.

However, Kweku Baako says: “I don’t understand what they mean by the live broadcast is affecting productivity. The problem of productivity will arise because we are not doing the right thing in the offices.”

He opines that heads of institutions should rather blamed for not playing their supervisory roles efficiently.

Contributing to panel discussion on Kokrokoo, he stated that “my problem is not with the workers who are watching, where are the managers, the supervisors? I don’t understand why we should say that because somebody is not doing the control and command properly as demanded, the live broadcast should be delayed…

“There are managers and supervisors who have been employed to control affairs at the public sector; to ensure they work according to the hours assigned unto them. The live broadcast is not only for sector workers; it’s for all of us. People have created a distortion and they are trying to use that to kill the spirit behind the live broadcast and that is objectionable.”