Aya Pouye: “I want to develop basketball in Guinea, Mauritania and Gambia …”

Hello President, could you tell us about your election?

I am a member of FIBA-Africa from 2010 until 2014. And under article 34, when there is election, the choice regarding vacancies is made by the members of the staff. In terms of zone 2, we lost two presidents who have disappeared (Aidara Mali and Alioune Badara Diagne of Senegal). A void that needed to be filled to avoid absences in instances. There needed a consolidation of the staff of the zone 2 and so I applied for it and I have been elected by acclamation.

But as vice president of the Senegalese federation of basketball, some voices have been raised in relation to your choice, in addition to the accumulation of functions?

It is true that at this level things clear. The Article 34 paragraph 10 forbids an accumulation of function, but only at the Presidency. For example, the President of the Malian Federation of basketball holds the position of Secretary General of FIBA – Africa. It is only at the Presidency that the accumulation function is prohibited. You cannot be president and president of Federal area. But for the rest it is allowed. So I stay in the Senegalese federation to my post to complete my term. I am expected, I know. But I will reserve my first outing to the President of the Senegalese federation of basketball, Baba Tandian with whom I have never had any problem.

What are the priorities of your two-year term?
The mission entrusted to me is to develop basketball in zone2. At this point my goal is to ensure that basketball is played everywhere. Also I want to improve things in some countries where this does not do well such as Guinea, Mauritania and Gambia… I know that basketball. At 14 I was already champion of Africa and 6 times in a row I have won the continental trophy with Senegal, I have a Master II in the discipline … so a back ground that allows me to believe that I am not on unknown field. I appeal to all in order to succeed in this mission.