Wanlov raise funds for America

For a Ghanaian living in Ghana to raise funds for the United States of America is something very uncommon but Wanlov the Kubolor and his lyrical twin M3nsa have dared to take up the task which will earn them a slot in the history books.

Today Wednesday April 24, the Foes of Kwame Nkrumah (FOKN) Bois are embarking on an all-day walk through the streets of Accra to raise funds for U.S. to help them as they go through their various “problems and sufferings.”

“Because of the things going on in the U.S. we the FOKN Bois want to walk on the street of Accra with an America branded box soliciting for funds to help them. Please be kind and give anything you want when we come your way,” the non-slippers wearer told NEWS ONE.

The controversial singer listed some of the problems the United States were going through as the current terrorist attacks and bombings, the high rate of joblessness and depression, among others.

Every step of the project which is code named ‘Help America’ will be documented by Recycled TV in collaboration with Norient (a renowned Switzerland documentary company).

“There is a crew from Switzerland who will be filming everything as we try to raise funds. We will be entering every company we see and approach anyone we meet. We will even go to the Police for them to donate so that the whole world will see that Ghanaian Policemen are good,” Wanlov stated.

According to the FOKN Bois, they will not leave anyone out of their fund raising exercise. Even the “beggars on the street will be asked to donate something.”

“We are just facilitating the whole thing but when everything is done, the presentation will be made in the name of Ghana. The monies generated from this charity event will be wired to the US through a Swiss Bank account,” the FOKN Bois said.

Do not be surprised if Wanlov and his equally controversial twin end up at your doorstep or walk up to you with their little box asking you for money.