Sir John Should Learn How To Season His Speeches – Affail Monney

Mr. Affail Monney, President elect for the Ghana Journalist Association, has appropriately responded to an allegation by the General Secretary for the New Patriotic Party that after being nominated as president to lead the association, he was only interested in riding on the backs of well established General Secretaries for fame.

Clearly not happy about what Sir John had to offer on Okay FM, Mr. Affail Monney used the same platform to patch up the difference by stating that he hasn’t been trained to speak in the same piercing manner the NPP scribe is noted for.

Sir John is on record to have said that he believes Mr. Monney does not know why he was recently elected into office and simply wants to be famous at “all cost”, hence that “needless” and “unwarranted” directive to media houses to sideline both General Secretaries from commenting on the election petition suit currently being heard at the Supreme Court.

But responding to this claim, Mr. Monney noted that “I am not prepared to engage Sir John in any verbal confrontation. We are not trained to do that…we are to be decorous, decent and discreet in our speeches. Sir john is entitled to his opinion and we are also entitled to ours,” he said.