SAFARIBET Enters Ghanaian Market

One of Ghana’s Africa Gaming and Entertainment limited Safaribet has hit into the market as a sports bookmaker registered in Ghana to give the opportunity to sports loving fans to bet through their own established shops, francise outlets, terminal franchise shops and online betting through the sue of their scratch cards.

Chief Executive officer, Halit Karabashoglu of Safaribet said the game was established in Ghana due to the passion people have develop in sports activities therefore the company has in existence for six months and the reception has been overwhelming.

Halit Karabashoglu said the mission of the company is to inject fresh air into the betting industry and to make it more entertaining as a means of creating jobs for the youth in this country. He added that they vision is to make betting accessible to all players across the country, and committed to fast tracking all payment.

He said the company will help improve the economy by way of reducing unemployment situation in the country because they have employed about 140 young people who are working at the Osu,Tudu,Darkuman and pig farm branches of the company .

He said Madina and Accra central branches are both under construction and plans are far underway to establish regional branches to decentralize the company’s operations and to provide quality services to their customers.

The aim behind the company he mention is to open 100 shops in 3 years to employ about 4,000 people directly, which means 15,000 indirectly. The y are partnering with small business for franchising in order for them to grow and also employ other..

Minister of Interior,KwesiAhwoi said Safaribet is on of Ghana’s first internet-based sports bookmaker where people can watch and enjoy these games, by predicting the results of the games on an online platform, and getting financial rewards in return.

He said investment by the Africa Gaming and entertainment limited is significant for many is a further endorsement of the conduciveness of Ghana as an investment destination because these types of investment involve lots of funds, time and risks analysis.

Kwesi Ahwoi said communication services providers in the country plays a vital role but many other things need to be done, and the National Communications Authority is up to the responsibility and is demanding the highest standards and service quality from them.

He said safari bet is expected to create at least 4,000 new jobs in the next three years since Government talks about building an economy that is ready for business, and commits to partner with the private sector to make their doing business easier, one of the positive outcomes is job opportunities.