PPP Communicator: Dr. Afari Gyan Is the Cause of His Own Disgrace At The Supreme Court

A member of the communication team of the Progressive People’s Party, Charles Owusu has said that Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Afari Gyan has been disgraced since he sees himself as a demigod who does not listen to anybody.

He explicated that Dr. Afari Gyan has destroyed his over 20 years experience and reputation as a fair electoral commissioner for not exercising patience enough to wait for the concerns raised during the 2012 elections results.

Speaking on Okay FM, he said that Dr. Afari Gyan should have given room for deliberations when some parties involved in the 2012 elections were not happy with the outcome of the results before declaring John Mahama as winner.

He stated that the reputation and the credibility of the commissioner are on the chopping board as the second petitioner punches holes in the CI75 which was used for the 2012 general elections; reiterating that Dr. Afari Gyan does whatever he pleases at the commission without listening to opinions of other bodies involved in the electoral processes.

He further said that Dr. Afari Gyan has made himself an unapproachable being that always has the final say to everything concerning elections in the country.

He hinted that it is painful to witness cheating in elections after investing so much money and energy to campaign for votes and the records do not reflect on what is due to the candidate.

He further said that taking time to have verified every concern raised by the NPP about the 2012 elections results will not have taken anything away from Dr. Afari Gyan, not to talk of a court case.