Live Texts: Day Six of Election Petition

Live Texts: Day Six of Election Petition

11:18 Lithur points to an exhibit tended by petitioners Bawumia wants to refresh his memory to know whether if it was part of the polling stations deleted, he says there are over 700 polling stations they are not relying on now.

A judge asks if the petitioners have given the court the full list after deletion.

Bawumia says no, noting if court will allow we will provide that list.

11: 10 Agrees there is no over voting in a particular polling station exhibited

11: 7 Column D which represents total votes, there is no figure but the C1 is filled, which Bawumia says is over voting.

Lithur asks if he has seen instances where D6 doesn’t reflect total from D1 to D5. Bawmia says yes but insists since the C1 was filled there is over voting.

Over voting is an error, says Lithur Bawumia says you are wrong.

11: 5 Lithur contests claim of over voting in a polling station, but Bawumia maintains there is over voting there, done in a clever way and by their definition of over voting that one fits in.

11: 02 Bawumia agrees there was no over voting in a polling station as pointed out by Lithur.

10: 59 treat the next three pink sheets together because they are similar

10: 54 Over voting by one, Bawumia says to a polling station. C2 represent proxy voting, Lithur says when added would not amount to over voting, Bawumia agrees and doubts if it was part of their calculation.

10:41: Lithur picks a pink sheet and sends it round for exhibition, says there is no over voting but Bawumia insists there is because of inconsistency caused by the presiding officer and wants Lithur to take what is on the face of the pink sheet. Bawumia insists Lithur is wrong to suggest there is no over voting there because some columns came with no figure but a dash (-)

Lithur says he is tempted to respond to Bawumia’s answer, which he says is on record, which jumps back at Bawumia. But a judge insists on a restricted question to avoid commentary.

Lihtur says in every annulled vote there was a complaint lodge, but Bawumia replies that there is no restriction that complaints are limited to only polling station.

A judge directs Bawumia to answer the question with a straight forward answer.

Philip Addison accuses Lithur of badgering the witness because he is not giving Lithur the answers he wants.

A judge tells Addison to help the court by asking his witness to answer the question. But Phillip Addison asks Lithur to refrain from repeating the questions.

Lithur continues saying in every single case that results was annulled there was a complaint lodged, but Bawumia says he is not aware of that

10: 36 After exhibition of a pink sheet Bawumia points out a discrepancy in the figures, but says there will not be over voting if figures totalled.

10: 31 Lithur submits a list for exhibition, ask for any objection.

10:28: Lithur continues with over voting cross examination. Bawumia diagrees with Lithur on administrative error accounting for the wrong quotation of figure.

10: 23 Lithur picks a pink sheet, sends it round for scrutiny by counsel for the petitioners before ending with Bawumia.

10:21 Second petitioner and a key witness to the case Dr Mahamudu Bawumia mounts the witness box to be cross-examined by counsel for the first respondent Tony Lithur. He is reminded of his oath.

10:17 Counsel for petitioners and respondents take turns to introduce their team.

10:13 Day Five of substantive hearing of the election petition begins with the nine panel of judges taking. Petitioners and respondents in the case introduced.