Kwesi Pratt Calls For Delayed Broadcast of Election Petition

The Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jr. has called for a delayed broadcast of the on-going petition hearing with respect to the out-come of the 2012 general elections in the Supreme Court in order to avert any adverse repercussions on productivity.

Though he does not oppose the live broadcast of the sittings of the highest court of the land, he is of the view that, “there are problems with regards to the live telecast which can be eliminated with collective effort and Ghanaians would at the same time be abreast with the happenings of the Supreme Court”.

According to him, “instead of doing a live coverage from 10am to 4pm and in some other instances 10am to 5pm, what can we really lose by recording the whole proceedings and playing it back later in the evening unedited?… This would help workers go about their duties without affecting national productivity and at the same time follow what is going on in the court. And in that way we can cure the difficulties associated with this live broadcast”.

The veteran Journalist made this argument on Peace FM’s morning ‘Kokrokoo’ programme on Tuesday, in which he sought to offer an alternative to the live transmission of the on-going Supreme Court petition which has drawn a huge public interest.

People from all walks of life get glued to their television sets through-out the proceedings which normally take the better part of the productive working hours.

However, Kwesi Pratt Jr. believes that his proposal would go a long way to satisfy everyone because workers would not have to focus on happenings of the Supreme Court during the day because they have the opportunity of a delayed telecast.