Is pornography good for you?

 Is pornography good for you?

Pornography is strictly a way to make money

“Pornography is good for us: without it we would be a far more repressed society.”

That is the subject of a debate held by Intelligence Squared, a forum for discussion in London, Tuesday evening.

Anna Arrowsmith, feminist pornographic film director who works under the pseudonym Anna Span, and runs a campaign website for people who work in the sex industry called, told the Today programme’s Sarah Montague that pornography can keep couples together by pornography’s use “as a stop gap”, if there is a discrepancy between couple’s sex drives.

“It’s democratized the body” she said, adding that “in the porn industry there is a market for everything”.

Germaine Greer, feminist author, academic and broadcaster, indicated that it may not be quite as beneficial.

“Pornography is an industry… [it] is the literature of prostitution,” she said.

“Pornography is strictly a way to make money,” she added.