Indomitable Lions : Surprised by the call for applications, Akono evokes a trap

The Cameroonian Football Federation, as we announced so far, launched a call for applications for the coaching of the national football team: The Indomitable Lions. At the head of the Cameroonian national team since the arrival of Lavagne Denis, Jean-Paul Akono surprised by this call for applications in an interview with announces that he will not compete. (Excerpts)…

What is your reaction to the call for applications for the post of coach of the Indomitable Lions ordered by the Minister of Sports?

I am rather surprised, with all my staff, when we heard this news. We would not see the appropriateness of such an approach by the Minister of Sports. Especially the explanations we give to justify this call for applications. I do not think today to recruit a coach for the selection of Cameroon, there is an obligation to make a call for applications. This does not even exist in the texts of the Cameroon Football Federation. Worse, there is a call for applications where it asks me to apply when I’m already in place. I do not find it logical.

Are you going to apply?
Never! I cannot fall into a trap so rude and grotesque. I am in office; I do not see why I should apply for a post at which I am already…

Are you aware that the failure to apply automatically puts you out of the game?

If this is how you dismiss people, go on. Why do you think I should apply? I refuse to play this game. What’s the meaning of that? The post is not yet vacant, right? Do we need such an excuse for me to leave? If they no more need my service, they should say it straightforward. They just want to install a pure mess there. They know they have no argument to separate from me, because my results with the selection at the moment are not poor (four games, two wins, one draw and one defeat, ed) and the Lions have already revived in the race for the qualification to the 2014 World Cup….