I Am The Supreme Court Correspondent For Our Supporters – Asiedu Nketia

Johnson Asiedu Nketia, the General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) believes people attacking his personality for commenting of the 2012 election petition does not know his duty as a General Secretary, despite being the third respondent of the case.

“My duty after court proceedings is not to organize supporters to chant that the President is a thief and to signal a Coup d’état as the NPP is doing, but rather; I explain vividly what goes on in the court room in the local dialect (Twi) to our (NDC) support who do not have the privilege to watch on TV or don’t understand the English language,” he said.

According him, those ‘NPP hidden faces’ who claim they are lawyers and want him to stop airing his views are doing that to help the NPP deceive its supporters via his colleague, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie (Sir John).

Speaking on Adom FM, Asiedu Nketia explained why some self-acclaimed NPP lawyers would want their General Secretary to quit from commenting since his language is collapsing the NPP party gradually.

“If you listen to them clearly, they (Sam Okudzeto, Ansah-Asare) are saying both of us should cease from commenting so qualified lawyers would do it, but is Sir John not a lawyer of 30 years standing? So if lawyers can comment, why then are they firing Sir John from commenting, meaning they don’t even recognize Sir John as a lawyer and their General Secretary,” he said.

However, he dared all lawyers and group of persons calling for a media blackout on him, to come out and pinpoint whether he has ever deviated from any of his explanations after court proceedings.

“All I want to hear from Sam Okudzeto and Ansah-Asare is that, Asiedu Nketia has diverged from the court proceeds from what is been telecast live on TV, then they will have a case to stop me but not when I have done nothing wrong. If Sir John keeps fouling, they shouldn’t compare me to him. I am not a qualified lawyer but I was part of the brains that drafted the constitution which is been used by the same lawyers in court,” he noted.

Adding “After drafting the constitution and they (Sam Okudzeto and Ansah-Asare) going to school to learn it; who in their wisdom has the right to comment on the constitution which the court is using? Again, there is no law on this land that does not pass through parliament and I have been an MP for 12 good years and was part of the legislators. I don’t speak for Sam Okudzeto, Ansah-Asare or the NPP. I speak for the NDC so if they have any problem with Sir John, they should advise him to stop talking. No one can stop me from talking”.