Ghanaian Movie Producers Exposed! Over Sex For Roles

Naana Brown

Naana Brown

Hostel (aired on VIA Sat 1) lead character and producer, Naana Brown, has exclusively revealed to Celebrity News that she had to turn down a lot of “sex for roles” on her way to the top as an actress, confirming that a lot of Ghanaian movie producers still offer movie acting roles in exchange for sex.

The sexy actress who is steadily rising to prominence through her character, Mellisa on Hostel, says she is focused on her career and wouldn’t have sex for movie roles and has in effect turned down a lot of offers because a lot of producers, thinking the artiste is desperate to appear in a movie, would “go like no sex, no role”. Efforts on getting her to expose the ‘exploiters’ on the scene proved nugatory as she intimated that it wasn’t prudent to do so since she remains in the industry. “I could be flagged and sabotaged”, she pleaded.

Speaking with exclusively with Merqury Quaye, Naana Brown, who has starred in several movies including All Die Be Die, Agya Koo Ntaafo, Ghost Hunt, School Girl and a host of others, revealed started off as a make-up artiste on tens of movie sets across the country said “refusing sex made me lose acting opportunities when I decided to give acting a shot but I was not perturbed. I believed I would sail through without spreading my legs for these shameless movie producers. From the bottom, I’m here and I’m glad it didn’t take their so called opportunities”, she vented.

According to her, the challenges that upcoming or aspiring female artistes face in the movie industry are a major setback for the growth of the industry which is providing jobs to thousands of people.

In a related development, upcoming Afropop artiste Adez has also revealed that most females in the music industry also face challenges when they start promoting their songs because some people ask for “sexual favors” before they help them.

A TV series depicting the lifestyles of students and the owners of hostels, Naana Brown’s Hostel airs on VIA Sat One on Tuesday s at 8:30pm.

Naana Brown