Ghana Fa Boss Nyantakyi Ranks The Country’s Premier League Best In Africa

Posted On Wednesday, 24th April 2013

Kwesi Nyantakyi claims the Ghana Premier League is arguably the best in Africa

Kwesi Nyantakyi claims the Ghana Premier League is arguably the best in Africa

Ghana FA boss Kwesi Nyantakyi considers the country’s top-flight league as arguably the best on the continent.

The Ghanaian Premier League has come under the mirror over the years with criticism over standards of play and its competitive nature.

Ghana has failed to impress in Africa’s inter club competition for the past eight years which has seen a reduction of the number of slots allocated to the West African powerhouse.

Kotoko and New Edubiase failed to qualify to the group phase of the CAF Champions League and the Confederation Cup respectively.

But the country’s football chief believes the Ghanaian Premier League could be regarded as one of the strongest on the continent.

“If you compare our league with the European leagues, it will be like comparing apples with oranges,” Nyantakyi said

“You should compare our league with our compatriots on the African continent and you’ll realize that ours is almost the best.

“Compare us to the Nigerian, South African and Egyptian League and you will see that we have a strong league.

“I have had the opportunity of watching many of the league matches in Africa and I can say that our League is probably the best.

“”I have watched our league either on screen or from the stands and I know the standards. You watch other leagues in Africa such as the Nigerian league and others and you we are better than most of them.

“I am satisfied with the standard of play.”

Nyantakyi’s claims are likely to spark massive debate in the country with opinions divided on the quality and competitive nature of the Ghanaian League.

In January this year, the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) ranked the Ghanaian Premier League sixth on the continent.

The Sudanese League came tops followed by Tunisia, Mali, Morocco and Nigeria.

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