Dr. Bawumia’s Analysis Is Not Law But Pure Mathematics – Hopeson Adoryeh

The analysis of Dr. Bawumia according to a member of the communication team of the New Patriotic Party is not law but pure mathematics which the economic technocrat can prove to the court that there were mistakes which the Regulation 30 of CI75 which the Electoral Commission does not support.

According to Hopeson Adoryeh, Dr. Bawumia is an expert in the area which he is representing in the Supreme Court, as the motive behind Tony Lithur’s cross examination is to push Dr. Bawumia to say something outside what he has presented in court.

Speaking on Okay FM, he said that Dr. Bawumia is experienced in teaching on how he arrived at his conclusion; stressing that the cross examination of the President’s lawyer, Tony Lithur about duplication of Pink Sheets is just wasting time in court.

He further said that those who are representing the petitioners in court are the counsels led by Lawyer Philip Addison, saying that the lawyers will deal with the law stated in the CI75; in that nobody can alter anything on the CD ROM since it can only be read from it.

He again said that Dr. Bawumia is so knowledgeable in accounting that “he can sit in his bedroom to calculate next month’s inflation”, reiterating that the analysis of Dr. Bawumia will prove to the NDC and EC that something went wrong in 2012 elections results which has given power to the wrong person.

He however said that “the fact that NPP could not prevent NDC and EC from manipulating figures in the 2012 election results does not mean nothing can be done about it in the court of law”, adding that it is not true that the case before the Supreme Court swing to the camp of NDC.

He therefore added that though the petitioners have a substantive issue in court, the defense put by Dr. Bawumia will determine the outcome; indicating that the judges have keenly studied the evidence before them and by now can conclude on what happened in the 2012 election results.