Bank of America opens its door to Ghanaian students for internship

The Bank of America is offering opportunity to second and third year tertiary students in Ghana to undertake internship training with them.

Eligible students from the University of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Cape Coast University and Ashesi University will undergo an internship programme with the bank to prepare them for the global financial market.

The programme which is been extended to Africa for the first time aims at giving students in the region equal training opportunity with those in the advanced world.

Managing Director, Global Head of Emerging Markets at the Bank of America, Bernard Mensah tolds Joy News, applicants must prove themselves capable of working permanent with the bank.

“…Those students should be as bright and talented as some of the top students from elsewhere…

“…When you come and intern with us, we see you at close hands so if you are good we are very keen to hire you rather than someone else…” Bernard said.