Two Suspected Robbers Killed At Lashibi

Having been the target of robbery, snatching of mobile phones, bags and other violent crimes, a group of plucky individuals of Klagon near Lashibi a suburb of Accra, hunt down and eventually overpowered two suspected armed robbers and held them down till the arrival of the Ghana Police Service.

A robbery escapade around Klagon in the early hours of Tuesday went bad when people of the community who were obviously fed up with the spate of attacks in the neighborhood decided to embark on a man hunt for the suspected robbers.

Luck however eluded the two robbers, when the search party caught up with them at Lashibi, subjected them to severe beatings.

They later tied them down with ropes and put car tyres around them in an attempt to burn them alive. observed that at around 6am, when the police arrived, one of robbers appeared to be lifeless while the other one was almost dead.

They are however yet to be identified.