The Supreme Court Live Telecast Is Affecting Productivity -Kwesi Pratt Jnr.

Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper has indicated that the live telecast of the election case affects productivity, due to the number of hours devoted to it by the State Broadcaster.

Kwesi Pratt was very critical of the effects the live broadcast impinges on the economy.

According to him, the live telecast is gradually losing its essence because “people are not sitting down to watch these broadcasts based on their need to follow the legal arguments and so on. It is pure entertainment. I went to one office where there was applause and I’ve been to offices where people are hooting at witnesses and so on. It’s like a football match. It’s like a boxing match…”

Speaking on Radio Gold, he also noted that showing the trial on national screens dwindles advertising revenues and so, believed it wouldn’t be much appropriate for the State broadcaster to show the case when companies need their adverts to roll on the screens.

He wondered how the State Broadcaster, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), could afford to pay its workers when it has devoted all its airtime to telecast the ongoing election dispute before the Supreme Court.

He asked: “What does that do to the broadcasting corporation and its ability to pay workers and so on? Of course, I’ve heard that it is possible to introduce innovative ways to divide the screen into two, so that part of the screen is showing the court process and part of the screen is screening adverts. What a destruction, who will accept that? What a complete destruction and so on. Even if you did that, it will amount to a serious and complete destruction which will not enable the teeming thousands who are watching this case appreciate its essence and so on.”