Sir John and Gen. Mosquito Should Show Maturity And Stop Behaving Like ‘Kids’

A leading member of the Bar and former Director of the Ghana School of Law, Kwaku Ansah-Asare has added his voice to some learned colleagues of his and the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) that the General Secretaries of the two major political parties NDC and NPP, should be blacklisted by the media from commenting on the 2012 election court proceedings.

According to the renowned lawyer, both secretaries should show maturity and stop behaving like ‘kids’ on airwaves since their cacophonies are mortifying the credibility of the Supreme Court.

“What General Mosquito and Sir John are doing is against the law, and it is not right and it’s horrible. They are grownups and they know perfectly that what they are doing is wrong but still doing it.

“There is no need for anyone to beseech them to stop commenting on the court proceedings, if you are an elder and you don’t respect yourself, you are been ridiculed by children. They should respect themselves, they are setting a bad legacy for our future generation who may have the ambition of becoming a General Secretary,” he said.

Speaking on Adom FM, lawyer Ansah Asare sees no reason why the former President of the Ghana Bar Association, lawyer Sam Okudzeto should plead with the two secretaries while it is clearly what they are doing is erroneous.

“I don’t know why Sammy Okudzeto is begging them, he shouldn’t. They (Sir John and Asiedu Nketia) are old enough to know what is good and bad. They have children and grandchildren so they shouldn’t be pampered.

“…If the Supreme Court is hearing such a case and they (Sir John and Asiedu Nketia) would want to infuse in politics, they should reason up and know its Ghana’s future they are tumbling with. The court hearing is been watched all over the world and such behavior is been exhibited by these adults. The world is watching us (Ghana),” he lambasted.