NDC Communicator: Dr. Bawumia Is Not Consistent With His Figures

According to a member of the communication team of the ruling NDC, Dr. Bawumia has failed to substantiate his allegation by providing wrong figures to buttress his claim during the cross examination at the Supreme Court.

He was emphatic that it is time wasting to see that the whole nation’s attention has been drawn to a case involving only three people out the 24million population; adding that it is a good thing that the court proceeding is being televised for the whole country to see, because it will stop people from giving wrong information to the public.

Speaking on Okay FM, Bernard Anim Piesie said that he is disappointed at how the General Secretary of the NPP, lawyer Owusu Afriyie has openly accused the President and Dr. Afari Gyan of theft when the court has not given its ruling on the case.

He further said that the onus lies on the petitioners to prove as their figures have begun to change; stressing that the petitioners are sneaking in new documents to reinforce their claim as the case gets tougher.

Stressing on the evidence, he said that it is now clear that the petitioners are not ready and it has been confirmed through the cross the examination that they do not have enough claim; in that it has been proven that their evidence to support their claim has been duplicated.

In view of the lack of evidence, he said that the NPP communicators have been misleading their sympathizers about the court proceeding; adding that they have been twisting the information by calling President Mahama a thief though the court has not decided on the case.

He reminded that there is nothing in the petition that constitutes stealing, saying that the case before the Supreme Court is on four charges which are over voting, voting without verification, same serial numbers from different polling stations and words and figures which do not match.
He therefore said that with the revelations coming out through from the cross examination, it has proven that the 2012 election was without fault and the President was sworn into office on the grounds of the constitutional mandate.

He added that there is no evidence about election irregularities and malpractices as raised by the NPP leaders.