Man shoots himself in the face with a harpoon… and SURVIVES

Ouch ... X-ray shows the spear lodged in Coutinho's head

Ouch … X-ray shows the spear lodged in Coutinho’s head

A BRAZILIAN fisherman is counting his lucky stars today after he accidentally shot himself in the face with a harpoon – and survived.

Bruno Barcellos de Souza Coutinho, 34, was cleaning the gun on Sunday when it went off in his hand, firing a foot-long spear into his head.

The weapon pierced his left eye and travelled six inches into his skull before becoming lodged in his brain.

Incredibly, Countinho remained conscious enough to raise the alarm and his aunt contacted emergency services in the city of Petrópolis, near Rio de Janeiro.

Surgeons were eventually able to remove the spear, 10 hours after it first became lodged.

But amazingly the victim suffered no brain damage.

He has sine undergone facial reconstructive surgery and medics were able to save his eyeball – but not the sight in his left eye.