Live Texts: Day Five of the Election Petition Case

Live Texts: Day Five of the Election Petition Case

10:00 The nine panel of judges have taken their seats to begin Day Five of substantive hearing of the election petition.

Lead Counsel for the petitioners introduce to the court his team. The counsel for first, second and third respondents also introduce their team of lawyers.

Witness in chief of the petitioners Dr Mahamudu Bawumia mounts the witness box and reminded of his oath.

Tony Lithur congratulates him on his appointment as Country Director of the African Development Bank. Bawumia accepts but tells Lithur to stop reading too many newspapers.

1020 Lithur begins his cross examination by picking out another pink sheet and asks him if there is basis to draw a conclusion of over voting given that there is blank space in the portion of the pink sheets which should have contained total number of registered voters.

Bawumia says he equated the blank space to mean zero and can draw enough justification that there is over voting.

Lithur picks another exhibit which also has a blank space in the portion where the total number of registered voters. He again asks the witness how he arrived at the conclusion that there was over voting. He adds that in that polling station, his candidate, Nana Akufo-Addo was resoundingly beaten.

Bawumia replies, saying there was resounding illegality in that polling station because the presiding officer had something to hide and therefore failed to fill the portion of C1 which should have contained the total number of registered voter.

Lithur asks Dr Bawumia to examine another pink sheet, and after careful examination, he (Bawumia) tells the court the petitioners did not use that in their analysis and asks the court to allow him to check from the list of deleted pink sheet but Lithur disagrees.

Addison says the petitioner’s request is necessary to enable him refresh his memory because there are 11,000 plus polling station in evidence here which the witness will not be able to keep all in his head, but Lithur rejects it.

Lithur brings out a pack of 45 pink sheet exhibits to be perused by the counsel on the other side. Pinks sheets are tossed around with the counsel on both sides gawking meticulously at them.