Kevin-Prince Boateng: Juventus sentenced to 30 000 Euros for racism!

30,000 Euros! This is the amount that Juventus was sentenced to after racist cries of some of its fans against the Ghanaian international, Kevin-Prince Boateng of AC Milan.

An amount deemed really ridiculous.
Juventus which “is doing well,” says that: “its commitment against racism cannot be blamed for the behavior of some individuals or groups of individuals. Juventus “ does not discuss in any way the decision.”

“The big problem with racism is that there is no vaccine against it. There are no antibiotics. It’s like a very dangerous and contagious virus, reinforced by our indifference and inaction, “ said Boateng.

“Racism is real and exists today. I am convinced that we are making a fatal mistake if we believe in having eliminated racism by ignoring it and thinking that it disappear just like a headache. We must act whenever come across it. “