Its not a rumour: The President wants state vehicles parked after working hours

Government is set to enforce President Mahama’s directive which disallows state officials from using government vehicles after working hours.

Minister for information and media relations, Mahama Ayariga in an exclusive interview with Joy News’ Abigail Adomako Antwi debunked assertions that the directive was only rumoured insisting that it will be implemented to the letter to reduce government’s spending.

The directive is also to ensure that state vehicles are not abused while the general public monitors their use.

The directive was thought to be rumoured as officials at the ministries and state agencies are yet to receive a formal document to that effect.

But Minister for information and Media relations, Mahama Ayariga insists that government has commenced processes to fast track the implementation of the directive.

“The chief of staff is rigorously implementing the directive, beginning from the compilation of an inventory of all government vehicles and has also commenced the process of changing all the number plates to ‘GV’ but immediately all state officials are being directed to avoid the use of state vehicles for private purposes”.

For the directive to work, state officials including ministers must report to work with their private vehicles and park them together with the state ones while in their offices.

But the congestion at the precincts of the various ministries is all too glaring.

Parking lots are designated for only a few officials leaving others to park indiscriminately.

But Mahama Ayariga insists there is enough space to park the vehicles.
“Several parking lots are springing up at the ministries, the SSNIT car park for instance can take all the cars at the ministry but officials are just not making use of it. We must inculcate in people the culture of parking at the appropriate places to deal with congestion”.

He also called on the AMA to manage how drivers park their vehicles at the ministries.

“The AMA must ensure that unless you have a designated spot to park at the ministries, every other official should use the car parks available”.

He encouraged state officials especially ministers who double as parliamentarians to ensure there is no conflict of interest while adhering to the directive.

“Ministers know from their job description what a public purpose is and what a private one is, we only have to be honest with ourselves and obey this directive. It is not for fashion or fun that this directive has been issued, there is an ultimate end and that is for government to reduce spending and we need to show commitment towards its implementation”.

Private vehicles already with the ‘GV’ number plate will have to be revoked as per the directive all number plates of state vehicles are to be made “GV” to indicate that a vehicle is for the state.

Meanwhile, government plans to make soft loans available for state officials to enable them purchase vehicles for their personal use.