HR Senior Officer at A Reputable Company

Location: Greater Accra Region

Job Title: HR Senior Officer

Job Location: Head Office , Greater Accra Region
Report to : Admin/HR Manager
Department: Administration Section: HR
Job Summary
Managing the day-to-day HR departmental activities including recruitment, employee relations, personnel, training and development and ensuring optimal productivity and employee morale.
Job specific tasks:
  1. Developing, recommending and securing approval for overall HR strategy, policies, procedures, standards and budgeting guidelines for all operating geographies
  2. Ensuring availability of adequate supply of manpower in accordance with approved manpower plan, follow up and effective implementation of sourcing, selecting and recruiting the required manpower in line with established policies and procedures
  3. Directing and guiding recruitment activities; instituting policies and procedures, sourcing and on-boarding of employees, etc. and ensuring effective communication to concerned
  4. Guiding and contributing to the development and continual updating of training & development concerns such as training and development strategies, training programs, development plans, succession planning, methodologies of delivery and internal and external training policies
  5. Ensuring effective implementation of the performance appraisal process – calendar, interview scheduling, completion of interviews, etc. in line with established guidelines
  6. Managing all personnel related activities including the monthly payroll processing, payroll entries i.e. new employees, salary adjustments, deductions, terminations, leaves and preparing payroll related reports
  7. Managing and participating in major employee HR concerns such as investigation of policy and legal violations, grievance and disciplinary issues and the like
Managerial tasks:
  1. Coach, motivate and retain staff, develop individual as well as team capabilities
  2. Lead the section to pursue goals and targets by month, quarter and year
  3. Manage and solve any occurring problem with suppliers
  4. Organize section; work in coordination with Quality Management Department: processes, job descriptions, etc.
  5. Ensure that section has proper resources to conduct daily activities and achieve objectives
  6. Participate in recruitment activities for own section if requested by HR department
  7. Follow up on daily, weekly and monthly reports of all activities
  8. Provide reports and feedbacks to top management (formally and informally) and confer on key topics
  9. Evaluate performance, delegate responsibility and authority. Follow up to ensure proper performance
Qualification and Requirements
  1. University degree in Human Resources, Business or relevant fields
  2. Masters degree preferred
  3. Related Work Experience
  4. Strong professional background with no less than 5 years of experience in the field
  5. Demonstrated ability to show results
  6. Proven administrative, leadership and management ability in the area of HR


  1. Fluent in English

Skills and Competencies

  1. Proficient in Microsoft Office applications (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  2. Must be adept in the use of Internet and E-mail
  3. Personality Traits
  4. Good team player
  5. Strategy oriented and driven
  6. Excellent thinking capabilities and analytical skills
  7. Very good organizational skills
  8. Very good and communication skills
  9. Very good at solving complex problems
  10. Very good leadership skills

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