Hot Scoop: Love in the air, as Lydia Forson charms Arik Air Captain

lydia forson arik air captain Hot Scoop: Love in the air, as Lydia Forson charms Arik Air CaptainIt appears that Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has won herself a new admirer in the form of the flight captain on the Arik Air flight that flew the actress and a host of other Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) attendees from Port Harcourt to Lagos on Monday morning. 

Lydia’s insistence on checking to make sure that her luggage was loaded onto the plane before boarding caught the eye of the captain who was out of the plane for some final checks before takeoff. The flight crew wanted the actress to take her seat in the plane but she argued that not until she had seen her luggage. The captain heard the argument and told his crew to allow Lydia to have her way, adding that it would be the best. Lydia finally got onto the plane after her luggage had been loaded, but not after flirting and chatting with the captain.

During the in-flight service, the captain sent a message from the cockpit through the flight attendants that, he would like to see Lydia once the plane had landed (well Lydia was seated next to me so I heard it, if you are wondering how I knew..LOL). Well, when the plane landed, Lydia must have forgotten the message but before she could get off the plane, the captain spotted her and asked a member of the cabin crew to call Lydia, and like the gossip monger that I am, I personally called Lydia for the crew member.

Lydia went into the cockpit and I didn’t know what else transpired in there but from her instagram photos, it seems she was just inspecting the captain’s ‘cockpit’. Hmmm. She wrote on one of the photos: “I guess this is why it’s called a “cockpit “… Was called to hang here on my way back home!!! So exciting”