‘Good Feeling’ comes from Stephanie Benson

Stephanie Benson will soon release a singleStephanie Benson will soon release a singleShe tackles several strands of  popular music with great confidence, a trait United Kingdom-based Ghanaian singer, Stephanie Benson shows off well on her upcoming single called Good Feeling.

The song was recorded in Ghana and the UK and Benson has been  busy in a London studio over the last couple of months to finish Good Feeling as well as other singles also slated for release soon.

The singer, who was a judge on the first edition of the Vodafone Icons reality show, says she has selected  Good Feeling to lead the way because it gives an ample picture of her singing capability.

“Good Feeling is a world-class product. We are just fine-tuning a couple of things and it would be all over the radio stations in Ghana,” says Stephanie who plays piano, violin and cello and has performed for many noted high-end clients  at prestigious  events in England.

Meanwhile her Benson Entertainment Production Institute in Accra is coming up steadily. People resort to different means to demonstrate patriotism, but to  Stephanie, an effective way for her to show how much she cares about Ghana is to help impart useful music business knowledge to the younger folks.

Facilities for the proposed school would include a sound recording and television production studio for both training and commercial purposes.

“My aim is to help groom potential Ghanaian talents in several fields of the entertainment industry. It would be a place they can come to get the professional and financial help to develop themselves. I have done a lot of charity work in the UK  and I feel it’s  time to do something for my own country,” she says.

Stephanie was in Ghana last year and contributed to the Yedi Awreho (We Are Mourning) song produced by  Nacy  and sponsored by the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) in memory of the late President John Mills.

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