GJA Prez Simply Wants To Ride On Our Backs To Fame – Sir John

General Secretary for the New Patriotic Party, Lawyer Kwadwo Afriyie has slammed the newly elected president of the Ghana Journalist Association (GJA), Mr. Affail Monney, for issuing directives to media houses to sideline both General Secretaries of the two major political parties from commenting on the election petition suit currently being heard at the Supreme Court.

Sir John strongly believes Mr Monney does not know why he was recently elected into office and simply wants to be famous at “all cost”, hence that “needless” and “unwarranted” directive.

Speaking on OkayFM, he noted that instead of the GJA President to fashion out solutions to the mountain of problems facing him at the association, he was rather seeking to achieve fame by initiating a media blackout against the two General Secretaries.

He urged Mr. Monney to bow down his head in shame since as a journalist; many looked up to him to fight for their media rights.

The President elect of the Ghana Journalists Association, Mr. Affail Monney, urged members of the association to stop granting both General Secretaries for the two major political parties platforms to air their views on the case before the Supreme Court because some of their claims were libelous.

However, Sir John cautioned Mr. Affail Monney to be mindful of issuing directives which could send the country to the dark ages.

He was of the view that he had toiled in his personal capacity just as the founding fathers of the nation have to make sure every individual has the right to freely express himself.