Ghana,Turkey to set up bilaterial business council

The Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) is to collaborate with Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEiK), Turkey, to establish a bilateral business council.

The co-operation is generally to promote trade, share trade information and enhance industrial and technological collaboration between Ghana and Turkey.

The business council will operate in the form of two national divisions. Each division will have its own member companies and economic associations. The GCCI will provide the secretariat for the Ghanaian division, whereas DEIK will provide the secretariat for the Turkish side.

Membership and constitution of the national divisions will be determined independently according to the needs, rules and regulations of each country.

The business council will have a multi-sectoral character in both countries so that the possibilities for collaboration can be fully exploited for the mutual benefit of the two nations.

In an interview, the DEiK Chairman of the Turkey /Ghana Business council, Pelin Givesoguj, noted that the national divisions would meet at least once a year on an alternating basis in Ghana and in

Turkey to examine the achievements and opportunities in the fields of trade, investments, industrial and technological co-operation and on various forms of trade, finance, bilateral and international collaboration.

The national executive committees, she added, would also meet at least once every year to discuss the programme of the business council, to agree on sector specific and regional meetings, as well as to launch joint research to explore possibilities for trade, investment, industrial and technological co-operation, with the purpose of conveying these possibilities to member companies and their respective governments.

The business council will also identify obstacles in trade and economic cooperation and will submit its proposals to overcome them to the two respective governments.

In his welcome address, the President of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dr Seth Adjei Baah, elaborated on some of the benefits and challenges of doing business in Ghana.

He lauded the idea of collaborating with DEiK and stressed that the business council would support the organisation of exhibitions and trade fairs, and also encourage its members to participate in such activities.

According to Dr Adjei Baah, each national division would have its own budget. Expenses of annual meetings shall be met by the host division. Participants will pay their own travel and accommodation expenses.

“Financing modality of joint research, symposia, exhibitions or other similar activities will be decided at the joint executive committee meetings”, Dr Baah added.

The two bodies, therefore, agreed that the council would collect and disseminate statistical data and information on opportunities in the fields of trade and investment.