Feature: Grassroot Football Is The Future For Ghana

Posted On Tuesday, 23rd April 2013

Top 50 players

Top 50 players

Football unites every city, town and villages. It’s a craze that its even has effects on our cultural traditions.

Football has become a social force in unifying the entire nation politically. Football like most sports is the world’s most popular game that helps to bring together people from different backgrounds to play, watch and enjoy the game, and to break down barriers created by ignorance or prejudice.

It is against this background that LE SMART BUSINESS in collaboration with MIRACLE LAND F.C. a second division side in Ghana put together an event dubbed Ghana Football Scouting Tournament with the slogan “connecting talents to talent hunters.”

In the months of January and February, the two bodies organized a Pre-trial session for more than 5,000 players.

Chris Roe (Country Director) Alive & Kicking

Chris Roe (Country Director) Alive & Kicking

The Pre-trial session covered the 10 Regional capitals of Ghana.

These trials were not for any Tom, Dick, and Harry or the ‘I can play’ intruders, our qualified scouts screened them out before the camp proper.

We designed various ways to discover the not too serious and not talented players.  Only the very talented ones made it to the camp.

Leon Hutchinson (One of the European Scouts)

Leon Hutchinson (One of the European Scouts)

We decided to bring on board the coaches at Lizzy Sports Center (East Legon), who are experts in Youth development and trial programs, to help prepare the players at the trial camp.

For days, selected players left their homes, families, and friends, to be at the camp – where they were taught techniques of modern football and get opportunity to be selected by foreign scouts.

Ghana Football Scouting Tournament was designed to enhance the game of football at the grassroots level in Ghana.

The project is aimed at scouting promising talents at the ages of 16 through to the 22 yrs.

This thorough search provides the platform for the enormous data of untapped soccer talents in Ghana to be scouted by clubs.

The Scouting Network provided professionally presented reports, compiled by our experienced team of trained scouts, who have all held posts as Managers, Coaches or Chief Scouts within the professional game.

These report templates have been specifically designed for easy reading and offer the latest in graphic technology for the clear viewing of set plays.

Many of our club managers use this simple technology to display opposition set plays to their own players prior to a game, moving away from hand written reports and poor quality faxes.

We found out that many of our talented football players don’t have the necessary finances to travel abroad for trial camps.

And some of them aren’t that exposed to know what it takes to succeed in such programs. So we found ourselves in many wasted ventures as most of the players we took abroad couldn’t get the Scouts interest.

Don’t get it wrong, these players are very talented; they most at times get overwhelmed by the conditions they found themselves in the trial camps abroad.

Scout, Organizers, Partners, Officials

Scout, Organizers, Partners, Officials

In April 2013, the event organizers camped 50 football players for a 3 day trials and selection process in Accra, Ghana.

The Organizers came up with this event so that Ghanaian players wouldn’t need to travel abroad into some Academy or trial camp programs to get Scouts to notice them.

It’s far cheaper to get the coaches, Agents and Scouts to come over to Ghana and get more football players involved in the selection process.

Ghana Football Scouting was born to cover the existing necessity of a sporting showcase that allows a high concentration of talent and makes it possible for clubs and agents the evaluation, in one location, of diverse profiles after a nationwide comprehensive talent hunt.

It’s a mechanism by which soccer clubs in Europe and Ghana can find the best material (soccer) talent aged between 16 – 22, without the urgent necessity of constant traveling or without complete information of the true talent scouted.

The event was partnered by Alive & Kicking Ghana and Jubilee Sports & Co. Ltd turned out to be a huge success to the glory of God.

By Stephane Lecusson