This year’s 22nd edition of tour du Togo ended last Sunday with some incredible cycling skills.burkina faso, Ivory Coast, Mali, Togo, Ghana and France participated in the 7 stage event.

The overall yellow jersey was won by French cyclist Clin Medric.

The overall total distance of 968km race began from Lome to Aneho which covered a distance of 103km.the second stage was from Lome to Atakpame on 158km.sotuoboa to kara was the third stage and also covered a heated distance of 139km.the 5th stage was from Bassar to sokode-56km.aleheride to Sokode-Kouloumi-Tchamba also bagged a distance of 137km and covered the 6th stage.

Stage 7 of the race was from Tchamba to Sotouboa in 90km.The busiest and the most rugged road race was from notes to Kpalime which was bathed in a gravel distance of 79km.

The last stage was in two fold. A road race from Amoussoukope to Lome over a distance of 123km followed by a hot 45 km criterium inside the Palm Beach area.

Team Ghana comprised of eight cyclists-victor Cudjoe ,Stephen Kabu,Wisdom Akakpo,Joshua Allotey,Basil Agyeman,Jacob Allotey and Dickson Poku.

Ghana won 7 jerseys in fair play and combativity in the persons of Stephen Kabu and tour du Ghana prodigy Victor Cudjoe.

This was team Ghana’s second side presented by the cycling federation to fine tune themselves as young riders for the upcoming Cowbell National Tour of Ghana next month.

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