Atsu In Serious Accident

Christian Atsu

Christian Atsu

Ghana midfielder Christian Atsu was involved in a serious car accident on Sunday that left his luxury vehicle completely destroyed but he miraculously escaped unhurt.

The Portugal-based player’s BMW 3 Series reportedly somersaulted three times before landing on a Fiat Punto driven by a visibly shaken woman.

The accident happened as the player attempted to overtake another car to exit the Amial highway in Porto but hit the metal railings, flipping over several times before landing on the Fiat Punto.

Atsu, who was in the company of a female, and the driver of the other vehicle, were taken to the St. John’s Hospital but were discharged the same day.

Their narrow escape was a massive surprise for onlookers as the BMW which costs $65,000 was completely destroyed.

The accident came just one day after Atsu played a part in Porto’s 3-0 win at Moreirense on Saturday.

The talented enforcer had been battling an ankle injury until he returned to the pitch on April 8.