Arab Cup : USM Alger ready for the final!

USM Alger is making a trip to Kuwait to face Al-Arabi in the final of the Arab Cup of football clubs on Wednesday.

USMA, looking for its first title on the international stage, relies heavily on double date against Al-Arabi to pass the objective for which it is willing to sacrifice the CAF Cup .

The team led by the Frenchman, Rolland Courbis does not go to the unknown before tackling the first leg of the final. Courbis claims to have all the necessary information on the Al-Arabi club.

“I have enough information about our opponent in the final of the Arab section. This will allow me to concoct the perfect battle plan to counter them on their land, “ said the French coach.

USM Alger was against US Bitam of Gabon, in the knockouts of the African Confederation Cup of Football (CAF) played last Friday in Algiers. The meeting ended in a draw (0-0). If the technician of the Algiers club is not satisfied with the result, he said he was relieved by the fact that he had not recorded injuries among his players.

“This is my main satisfaction out of this match, because I was afraid of a lot of new injuries among the group, especially since we have not been spared in this record for some time,” welcomed Courbis.

“At the risk of repeating myself, the CAF Cup ranks fourth in terms of our goals. That is to say that the draw conceded at home against the US Bitam in no way affected us. “