Ali Benarbia: “Abidal is an alien”

Since his return to competition after his liver transplant, Eric Abidal creates admiration of the football world. On the waves of RMC, the former Algerian international Ali Benarbia called the defender of FC Barcelona as “alien.”

“I do not know if people are aware of the operations that he underwent. Even to come back normally and and have a normal life, it is an exceptional courage. Play football again, it’s already good, but being physically fit as required by the high level after undergoing two operations, it is almost inhuman,’ says former shareholder of Manchester City. ‘They say that Messi is an alien, Abidal is also an alien physically and morally. See him again playing 90 minutes at high level in the best club in the world, it is much more alien and it takes enormous courage! “ Says the former PSG midfielder.

“The alien” Abidal is sensed to be tenured tonight (6.45 p.m.GMT) in the semi-finals of the Uefa Champions League against Bayern.