Widows Need Societal Support – Pastor

Urgent care is needed for widows who often have little support within the society, Reverend Samuel Asiedu Bonsu, Head Pastor of the Victory Baptist Church, has said.

He said the ordeal experienced by many widows in order to survive and support their families is more than they can bear hence the need for societal support.

Rev Asiedu Bonsu, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Mission to Widows-Ghana (MWG), a Non-Governmental Organization, was speaking during the graduation ceremony of the Widow Connection Sewing Project over the week-end at Asamankese.

He said one critical challenge faced by many widows is access to quality health care as most of them do not even have enough money to register with the National Health Insurance Scheme.

Rev Asiedu Bonsu said children of these widows very often drop out of schools because they have no financial support to keep them in school and thus called on all stakeholders interested in the welfare of the family to come to the aid of the widows in the country.

“We formed this NGO in order to bring together the widows and encourage them so that they do not feel neglected in the society,” he said.

The MWG currently has a membership of 151 widows and four widowers who have been given some capital to start business ventures.

The NGO is co-partnered by Widows Connection from the United States of America (USA) and Theovision International which seeks the welfare of the vulnerable in the society.

Ms Miriam Neff, President and Founder of the Widows Connection-USA, donated 25 sewing machines, assorted sewing materials and seed money to all 25 widows who were taken through dressmaking apprenticeship.

Rev Theodore Asare, President of the Theovision International, gave the assurance that their collaboration with the Widows Connection-USA and the MWG would continue and to provide help to the needy in the society.

So far by the efforts of the collaborating NGOs, 63 widows had been registered with the NHIS whiles 73 have had their health insurance renewed for them for the past two years.

Start-up capital, apprenticeship in various areas of trade and various gifts are offered to the widows regularly.