Tripartite committee to settle on new minimum wage today

Government, Employers and Organized Labour are likely to settle on a new daily minimum wage today.

The Tripartite committee has been meeting over the past months to settle on new minimum wage before May, 01.

JOYBUSINESS has learnt that Organized Labour is proposing a 15.2 percent increase which will translate into 5 Ghana cedis 16 pesewas. Government however, is considering offering a bit lower than this.

Employers on the other hand are looking at an increment which is not more than the projected inflation rate of 9 percent for this year.

The committee would also agree on a new income tax free threshold, which means that those who earn below a certain amount in a year would be exempted from taxes.

The National Daily Minimum wage is expected to serve as a guide for salary adjustments in the public and private sectors if it is increased upwards.

The minimum wage also serves as a benchmark below which no worker in the country is expected to be paid.