The Media Should Be Blamed For Sir John And Gen. Mosquito’s Comments; They Ask Unnecessary Questions – Sammy Awuku

Deputy Director of Communication for the New Patriotic Party, Samuel Awuku has said journalists and political talk show hosts are mainly to be blamed for some utterances made by General Secretaries of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the opposition New patriotic Party (NPP) after court proceedings.

Despite apportioning blames to the media, Sammy Awuku debunked suggestions from the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) and some renowned lawyers that both General Secretaries should be expelled from commenting on the court issue.

“I will not support any attempt by the GJA and some lawyers that we should gag both Sir John and Asiedu Nketia from commenting. I don’t support that idea. These two personalities are the chief executive officers of both parties and now they are the administrator’s officers of both parties in court. For our days and years for fighting for free speech, it defuses it if they attempt a media blackout on these personalities,” he said.

According to him, journalists and host of various political talk shows should ask specific questions when interviewing both General Secretaries to avoid ‘unnecessary’ comments from them as well.

“If you (Journalists and Hosts) are asking them questions, ask them specific questions in relation to what happens in court. But the Media is somehow to be blamed, you ask unnecessary questions. How can a journalist ask both secretaries what is a ‘CD ROM’, is the CD ROM the main issue before the court?

“…Journalists questions are sometimes not helpful. It triggers matters. But for me I support the two General Secretaries, they should continue to express their opinions but then their opinions should relate to what goes on in court,” he told Asempa FM.
Nevertheless, Sammy Awuku believes though some journalists questions to the General Secretaries are appalling, NDC’s General Secretary always mislead it members notwithstanding his position in court.

“General Mosquito is in a unique position and also represents his party in court and holds the power of attorney, but he always hear differently from the court room and it’s a worry. I don’t know whether where he is sitting, there is a problem with the, if that is the problem then the court has to rectify it because he always misleads his party followers. I thought it was due to other reasons but it’s getting worse,” he said.

Adding “I always monitor Sir John, he is a lawyer and speaks very well and strictly according to court proceedings but as a politician he adds his own spin to it which is expected as a politician. General Mosquito is in a different position because he is not a lawyer and aside that he represents the NDC so he sometimes want to excite he’s party members by his choice of words”.