Spain rescues 32 African migrants at sea

MADRID – Spanish lifeguards on Monday saved 32 African immigrants trying to cross the sea from Morocco to Spain in flimsy vessels, authorities said.

A source in the lifeguard told AFP that Spanish rescuers hauled 32 migrants, of which all but one were men, from four vessels and took them to Tarifa on the southern tip of Spain.

The source said there were no deaths or serious injuries among those rescued. Many migrants have died on the crossing over recent years.

“Those rescued by Spain are apparently in good health and are on land receiving medical attention,” the source said.

The source said Moroccan lifeguards had rescued other migrants on Monday and taken them to the Moroccan side of the strait.

Thousands of Africans try to cross the narrow strait from Morocco to Spain each year in inflatable toy dinghies or other makeshift boats.

The number of such migrants who reached Spanish shores by boat last year totalled 3,804, according to the Spanish interior ministry.(AFP)

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