Microsoft: Windows Competitor to iPad Mini Coming Soon

Microsoft: Windows Competitor to iPad Mini Coming Soon

It’s been rumored before, but Microsoft has dropped the first official word that it’s working on Windows 8 tablets smaller than 10 inches.

In a call with investors about the company’s latest earnings report, Microsoft CFO Peter Klein said small-screen Windows tablets were in the works.

Klein said the software giant was working with its manufacturer partners to develop “a new suite of small touch devices powered by Windows” at “competitive price points,” The Verge reported. He didn’t elaborate on details, and neither did Microsoft spokespeople.

The exact screen size of these coming “small” devices is obviously unknown, but there’s a big window between the largest Windows phone (the HTC Titan II, at 4.7 inches) and the smallest Windows 8 tablets, which bottom out at 10.1 inches.

In interviews with Mashable during the launch of Windows 8 last fall, Microsoft employees said there was technically nothing holding back a small-screen Windows 8 tablet.