Great music daily deals, discounts & bargains on coming soon is an online platform where people can discover unique, interesting products and services at a fraction of the price. The online market place, offers astonishing discount rates of up to 70% on products.

Even though is broad, musicians are welcomed to take advantage of this online portal.

Musicians can market their own products at very attractive prices to their fans.

For musicians with their own clothing line, souvenirs, album CDs, this is the best avenue to market them.

Music seminars, music instrumentals and trainings linked to the Ghanaian music industry could also be advertised on

The product name, “tisu” comes from the very popular attitude of Ghanaians asking for reductions on prices for virtually anything. It is quiet common to hear buyers constantly asking sellers for a reduction in the price of their wares. has been doing quite well in the background since 2011 even though its yet to be launched to the general public. After the launch, various specially themed parties called ’tisu parties’ will be held at various locations in Accra to afford attendants the chance to make purchases at special discounts on the platform.

Merchants who advertise their products or services on the platform do so absolutely FREE!

Ringier Ghana is the parent company of Ringier is a Swiss multimedia organization with offices in 13 countries around the world.