Ghana Needs Decisive Leaders – PPP

A member of the communication team of the Progressive People’s Party, Mr Charles Owusu, has said Ghana needs a strong and decisive leader who will not think about winning elections but how to turn the economy round.

He said it was regrettable that in the midst of abundant resources, Ghanaians were living in abject poverty.

“Every Ghanaian talk about the abundant natural resources and yet the country is poor,” he wondered.

In an interview, Mr Owusu explained that this could be attributed to lack of leadership as the country was presently confronted with leadership crisis.

The member of the communication team said Ghana needed a leader who could create practical propositions out of almost nothing for the benefit of the ordinary people and not always depend on donor support.

He pointed out that Ghana needed a leader who had leadership skills that could take the country to the promise land.

‘’if we are looking for an outstanding leader that ought to be Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, the PPP presidential candidate in the 2012 polls, since he has demonstrated to the whole country and the world that given the opportunity, he could move the country forward,”

He called on the Ghanaian electorate to consider ability to perform when choosing future leaders saying “we must think about the country and not necessarily a party.”

Mr Owusu said it was time power changed hands to leaders who had outstanding abilities and were well -to-do and not political parties which were exploiting their past glories.