Election Petition: Cross examination of Dr. Bawumia continues today

Election Petition: Cross examination of Dr. Bawumia continues today

Lawyers of President John Mahama will continue their cross examination of New Patriotic Party (NPP) Vice Presidential candidate Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia as the on-going election petition trial enters its second week.

Meanwhile, a secular from presiding Judge Justice William Atuguba has outlined guidelines to help expedite the hearing.

Parts of the directive read as follows:

– Counsel for the first respondents do list out the residue of the pink sheets in the manner here to be identified by him in his cross examination of the second Petitioner which he claims were duplicated in their mode and manner of generation, extent of their use by the petitioners for purposes of proof of their petition

– The said list should be electronically served forthwith by counsel for the first respondent on all other parties

– As they resume sitting today Monday 22nd April, counsel for the first respondent may put the said list by way of further cross examination to the second petitioner for his response. The said list can then be tendered into evidence

– Counsel for the first respondent or any other party may bring along with his all their copies of the pink sheets

However lawyers for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have indicated their strong objection to the new rules.

A member of the party’s legal team, Abraham Amaliba has described the Supreme Court’s decision as an “administrative fiat”.

He disagreed that the method chosen by the counsel for the first respondent, Tony Lithur, in his cross-examination would delay the processes.