Don’t Vote Into Parliament People Like Maxwell Kofi Jumah

In reaction to peoples’ comments on ex-gratia payments to past and returning Members of Parliament (MP), Maxwell Kofi Jumah barked saying:

“If you are a doctor is the MP your co-equal, if you are a teacher is the MP your co-equal?” (

CPPNA was appalled and sickened by these reckless remarks. In his apology Kofi Jumah unashamedly tried to justify his ill conceived comments. He has clearly demonstrated that he is elitist and people of his ilk should not be voted into Parliament. Perhaps Kofi has forgotten that MPs are public servants and not lords in a nation. If he wants to portray himself as an elitist he is at liberty to do so in his home and not on hard working Ghanaians. For a man who may have had education in America to make these remarks makes one wonder whether Kofi Jumah learned any life skills whilst in North America.

What can Kofi Jumah show off as his achievements in Parliament? What bills did he introduce to parliament and how many of them were passed. What meaningful impacts have his bills (if any), had on his constituents and the Nation? How many times did he speak in parliament? We challenge him to publish all his achievement in parliament. Kofi Jumah; you are NOT important or more human than Teachers and Doctors in the country. We heard you loud and clear and no amount of further explanation can repairs your dented image.

The irony of it all is that Kofi Jumah did a poor academic analysis to support his weak ethics. Thanks to the radio stations; we all witnessed debates in the run up to 2012 elections and we heard and saw the calibre and finesse of presidential and parliamentary candidates; some of whom have now become MPs.

The prognosis is scary as the quality was very poor and a threat to our socio-economic growth. One wonders whether Kofi Jumah was measuring social, academic, or economic stratifications when he said Teachers and Doctors are not equals with MPs. If Kofi was using Academic Stratification, his inarticulate explanation was below par; he cannot therefore measure (compare with) our Doctors and Teachers. He couldn’t have also used Social Stratification since teaching and the medical career are well respected professions.

Lastly, if he was using Economic Stratification how could he measure that? Is it because MPs get freebies for no work done? Thus free SUV, free petrol, free accommodation, free phone credits, free loans, free maids and free garden boys, free security and on top get colossal ex-gratia payments for every four years. Do Teachers and Doctors get these freebies? And yet Kofi insults and denigrate the hard work and sacrifices our Teachers and Doctors render to our nation. We would like to remind Maxwell Kofi Jumah that in this 4th republic, the best candidates haven’t won elections in most cases and explains why he, Kofi Jumah, as incapable as he was, won election in his constituency.

If the best candidates were elected Ghana would be a better place; we wouldn’t be been saddled with budget deficits, filth, stench, mass unemployment, looting of our natural resources, corruption, rampant and senseless sale of state institutions, dysfunctional socio-economic system, erratic electricity and water supply, 18th century roads and transportation system, environmental pollution, dreadful health care, botched educational system, food insecurity, porous borders, lawlessness, and many more despite our enormous human and natural resources.

What have MPs and Presidents (Heads of State) done in the last 31 years to improve the economy? How many of the MPs and elected officials in the fourth Republic including the military dictatorship of Flt. Lt. J Rawlings could be described as selfless and have put the nation first in their decision making? Majority will NOT pass this litmus test. It’s been nothing but nicking of ex-gratia, looting of state resources and enactment of laws to protect themselves whilst Ghanaians suffer.

We wish Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Farmers and Fishermen, Police, Civil Servants are rather called “Honourables” and given ex-gratia every four years instead of these partisan cronies who continue to betray the trust of the electorate; loot and mismanage the resources of the Nation. Ghanaians should think deeply and make the conscious efforts to dump NDC and NPP in 2016. These parties have brought deprivation to mother Ghana. The CPP government WILL bring back “Work and Happiness” to replace the current “Work and Misery” that has characterised our nation since 31 December 1981.

Maxwell Kofi Jumah; CPPNA puts it to you that your comments were out of order, elitist and lack intelligence. Your apology was a joke and a charade. Ghanaians have suffered enough, they deserve better, and it’s about time!!

CPP North America: