Dep. Minister criticises NPP’s over-reliance on Afari Gyan’s quote

Dep. Minister criticises NPP's over-reliance on Afari Gyan's quote

Deputy Minister for Energy, John Jinapor has criticized what he believes is an over-reliance by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) on Afari Gyan’s famous quote “the name of the game is evidence”.

In June 2012, the Chairman of the Electoral Commission (EC), Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan cautioned political parties against denigrating the EC without proof of wrong doing and stated succinctly that “evidence is the name of the game”.

But Mr. Jinapor said the fact that Afari Gyan organized “a press conference” and “makes a statement does not necessarily amount to what you would call a law” and concluded that “Afari Gyan is not a judge”.

He argued that in “fresh cases” such as the election petition, the Supreme Court makes “judgments” that become law known as case laws. He inferred that the Supreme Court could make a ruling that could become a “law”.

But co-panelist and spokesperson for the NPP’s legal team Yaw Boabeng Asamoah, said the statement by the E.C Boss was not a product of his “whims and caprices” but was rooted in law. Mr. Boabeng Asamoah inferred that the NPP’s constant reference to Afari Gyan’s statement was not merely referring to him but to a well-founded rule of the law.

He said “an election is a process governed by law” managed by Afari Gyan just as much as the petition in court was also based on “breaches of the law”.

He accused the E.C of invalidating “polling station results”- a claim Mr. Jinapor said the E.C has constantly denied- and said that “if you do things inconsistent with the law, they are unlawful”.