British Woman Arrested For ‘Smuggling £100,000 Of Cocaine In Her Genitals’

A British woman has been arrested with £100,000 of cocaine concealed in her private parts on a flight back to the UK.

The spokesman for Argentina’s Ministry of Security said: ‘The drugs had been packed tightly into a barrel-shaped object like a mortadella.’

She was caught at Ezeiza International Airport and has been remanded in custody at a women’s prison in Buenos Aires.

She was already under police surveillance at the time of her arrest.

Federal police say that they are currently trying to identify the gang that paid her to transport the drugs to Britain.

Investigators confiscated the 850 grams of cocaine she was carrying.

The spokesman added: ‘It’s not the first time we’ve stopped a woman carrying drugs stuffed inside their private parts.’

‘The cocaine she was carrying would probably have fetched around £100,000 in Britain if it had been sold in small amounts.’