Blame GES for increasing rate of indiscipline among students–Social worker

Blame GES for increasing rate of indiscipline among students–Social worker

Mr. Derry believes an effective schools social work framework can curb indiscipline among students.

Mr. Alexis Derry, a Social Worker and National Executive Committee member of the Ghana Association of Social Workers has blamed the increasing rate of indiscipline among students to what he says is the absence of the social work systems in the country.

He has therefore implored the GES to incorporate in the school system an effective educational and social work policy to arrest students indiscipline in schools.

He explained that the GES has failed to bring out the best in the teachers who are also trained as social workers.

Speaking in an interview with Adom News, Mr. Alexis Derry further explained that the standard practice in most countries is to bring in social workers who can help in identifying the behavioral changes and challenges in the students.

He said the major challenge facing the country now is the absence of educational social work policy and a framework to accommodate social work activities.

He said in systems where social work policy is working, when a girl-child becomes pregnant, for instance, they allocate a case worker to manage the child by way of planned intervention.

This planned intervention gives the officer, the child and family a planned process where the child is monitored and assisted until delivery.

After delivery the child is prepared to go back to school to continue from where she left off.

But the situation is different in Ghana, Mr Derry noted. He said that students who get pregnant are dropped from school making them liabilities to their communities in most cases.

Mr. Alexis Derry stated that the guidance and the counseling unit in the GES must be activated to solve problems.

He therefore called for an Education Social Work policy to set up a planned social intervention with various dimensions and principles that will work with the family, the community and the child.