Ali Baba Foster arrested for assaulting his wife

Ali Baba Foster arrested for assaulting his wife

Ali Baba Foster

Highlife musician Ali Baba Foster has been arrested by the Odorkor police for allegedly beating his wife, Beatrice.

Beatrice Foster Sunday morning reported her husband to the Odorkor police for beating her. She claimed, her husband had been subjecting her to unnecessary beatings because he is jealous of her relationship with her customers.

Beatrice told Joy News’ Hanna Odame she had on several occasions disguised herself to beg for food because her husband could not provide for her and their three children.

Beatrice, who had been married to the popular musician for the past 17 years, had to run to a neighbour’s house on Sunday morning for cover, after she was unable to endure further beatings from her husband.

She later reported the husband’s behaviour at the Odorkor Police Station, who swiftly moved in to pick him up.

Hanna reported on the Midday News: “The police at Odorkor picked up Ali Baba because his wife reported”.

“I went to the police station and saw him at counter back looking calm in a white and black stripped shirt and trousers. The police will not officially tell me when they intend doing but what I know is that his wife’s statement has been taken and an investigator is yet to be assigned to the issue. I tried speaking to Ali Baba on phone afterwards and all he told me was, no comment,” she reported further.

Ali Baba Foster shot to fame in the late 80’s and early 90’s with popular tunes such as ‘Mensusu Sa’, ‘Anigyina’, ‘Twe San’, ‘Shock’ and ‘Monmfa Nto Me’.