Adu Asare Made a Very Distasteful Statement…Bawumia Is Rather a “Stubborn Witness” – Sammy Awuku

Samuel Awuku, Deputy Communications Director of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has expressed antagonism over a statement made by former NDC MP for Adenta Constituency, Kojo Adu Asare that first witness of the 2012 election petition, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is not in his “right state of mind” to defend the NPP in court after his near fatal accident.

“Adu Asare made a very distasteful statement. Because he has held a seat in parliament, I wouldn’t want to disrespect him and tarnish his reputation as he did to Dr. Bawumia for saying that because he (Dr. Bawumia) hasn’t recovered from his accident, his answers in the witness’s box is not out of his mind. The import of what Adu Asare was saying is that, he doubted his (Dr. Bawumia) strength of mind, which is wrong,” he clarified.

Kojo Adu Asare on Adom FM supposedly said either Dr. Bawumia hasn’t recovered from his fatal accident and has been asked to represent the NPP in court, because his demeanor in the witness box and answers he gives clearly shows he is not of a stable mind.

According to Sammy, Dr. Bawumia was offered a chair to sit but refused and opted to stand so if he is not that strong, he wouldn’t have refused the offer made by the court and his lawyers.

“The court including Dr. Bawumia’s lawyer asked him whether he want to sit and he said I will be comfortable standing, so how then must Adu Asare make such comments. If he wanted to sit, he would have without anyone querying him. For Adu Asare to veer into that was very distasteful,” he said.

Speaking on Asempa FM last Friday, Samuel Awuku believes democratically, Ghana is making progress with the live telecast of the 2012 election petition and very optimistic the hearing will be successful as done elsewhere.
However, he stated that due to Dr. Bawumia braveness, courage and wisdom in the witness box for almost six hours, the opposition party now refers to him as the ‘Stubborn witness’.