A-G saves Ghana over $28m in judgment debt

A-G saves Ghana over $28m in judgment debt

Mrs Marietta Brew Oppong Appiah

The Attorney General, Mrs Marietta Brew Oppong Appiah, today saved the country over 28 million dollars when an Accra High Court granted an application she filed to challenge a judgment debt claim by clothing company, Sweater and Socks Limited.

The Sweater and Socks was shut down in 1979 by the AFRC for failing to pay taxes although it made profit exporting millions of products to various West African countries.

However, the company sued the state in 1995 asking for a statement of account but the Attorney General at the time failed to provide the information as requested by the courts.

The company later won a 28.5 million dollar judgment debt against the state.

But, the Attorney General Mrs Marietta Brew Oppong Appiah filed an application challenging the payment, and her application was granted today.

The ruling means the country has been saved some 28.5 million dollars.