We never had problems in Rivers PDP before – Rep. Dakuku

REP Dakuku Peterside is a member of the House of Representatives from Rivers State. In an interview following the decision of an Abuja High Court nullifying the election of Chief Godspower Ake as chairman of the Rivers State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, he expresses surprise at the dislocation of a peace he said once existed in the party in the state. Excerpts:

What is your reaction to this development?
All I can say is that it is unfortunate. It is a major setback for the judiciary and a setback on the reconciliation efforts embarked upon by the party.

Did you really conduct a congress?
Just watch out, the video will be showed on television. It will be shown again and you know it was telecast live on AIT and Channels.

What would you say led to this schism in the state chapter of the party?
I wouldn’t know because the party never had any problem at all and suddenly somebody just emerged from the moon and is beginning to establish parallel structures of the party. Before now nobody had ever challenged it, nobody had raised issues about a congress and this one is sudden. The implication is clear that there must be a fifth columnist somewhere. There is no doubt that there is an unseen hand pushing whoever the person is.

Dakuku Peterside

Dakuku Peterside

So where is the push coming from?
Clearly so, there is an unseen hand, clearly.

So what is the motive?
Clearly it is all geared towards 2015 and a personal attack on the governor of Rivers State for his principled stance on issues. It is against the governor of Rivers State for his principled stance and it is all about 2015.

What is the implication of this for your party on ground?
Simply, I am afraid for the PDP. I am totally afraid for the PDP. I am afraid if the PDP will come out from this needless act the same. Will it come out united, will it come out as one? I am afraid.

What of at the federal level?
Well, I don’t want to say anything, let’s deal with the local situation. But clearly, you will see that the PDP is going around the country making reconciliation moves and that points to one fact; that PDP is not what it ought to be, there is no unity. If it is united, we would not be making all these reconciliation moves, means that there is something wrong.

What advise will you give to those in leadership?
Nigerians can no longer be taken for granted. There is no way we can just think that we are still in 1999, a lot has changed. The demographics have changed, the mindset of the people has changed. We cannot ignore that. Nigerians are better informed than before.

What is your advice to party men in Rivers State?
They should remain calm, we still have confidence in the judiciary, we believe that this disgraceful action will clearly be upturned and have faith in God.

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