The Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher I knew

Feature Article of Sunday, 21 April 2013

Columnist: Quarshie, Joshua Attoh

…A tribute by Mr. Joshua Attoh Quarshie

The greatness of Rt Hon Margaret Thatcher was the greatest after Prime Minister Westcon Churchill.

I realized her greatness after I offered my personal advice to her about the Golf Crisis.

This advice was put in a form of a letter dated 20th July, 1990.
In the letter, I suggested to her to abandon their intentions and that of British government to go and defend Kuwait, for that kind of action could make her government unpopular.
She took my suggestions that she must contact the US President of the time, Bush Senior, to go to the United Nation to lobby them so that they could defend Kuwait under the umbrella of the UN and they would not be accused of colonialism and imperialism.
This great and good listening Prime Minister took my advice with no hesitation. She referred my letter to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London to deal with it at once. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London also acknowledge the letter on the 5th September, 1990.
To quote a few paragraph from this letter “Dear Mr. Attoh QUarshie, thank you for your recent letter to the Prime Minister about the situation in the Golf. Sine you wrote, events have moved on”.
Before that, she had sent me an acknowledgement on the 20th August, 1990, saying, “Dear Mr. Attoh Quarshie, I am writing on behalf of the Prime Minister to acknowledge your recent letter. Your views have been noted. Yours sincerely. 10 Downing Street”.
Upon what I witnessed, her respect for common people as a leader, which some of my own African leaders would not portray, was amazing.
Some African leaders would not reply your letters if you offer such an advice, because they don’t want people to know where the idea came from.
But she listened and took action on common people’s advice and that makes her a great leader.
After all these, she took her Conservative Party letter head to write in her own hand writing, showing gratitude to me for my advice and assuring me of winning of the impending elections.
God willingly, the gate of Heavens shall be open for such a wonderful leader’s soul.
The Heavens gate will be opened for her to rest in the arms of the Lord.
She was indeed a great leader.
May she Rest in Perfect Peace in the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ.